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In - house safety

In - house safety

Safety at Nissho of California, Inc is #1

Keeping people safe and happy is our priority

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At Nissho of Ca, Inc, safety is always our priority. Not only for the people we work for but for the people who work for us. Being highly trained in proper operation, best practices and overall safety processes allow us to maintain reasonable rates and provide excellence of service.

Our Safety Department is a team of dedicated Safety Professionals committed to the reduction of injuries, illnesses and risks from occupational and environmental hazards. The implementation of our Safety Program, proactive approach to regulatory compliance and continuing education are integral to our employees' welfare and our company's success.

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A Commitment to Safety

With our commitment to safety and extensive inspection processes, our In-House Safety Department Programs support quality products by reducing unnecessary costs and avoiding delays in production.

Nissho of California, Inc. integrated safety programs

Our commitment is to safety

  • Pre-Construction Job Site Safety Program

    Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is performed before commencing work by informing employees of any hazards. Nissho of California, Inc. requires every employee and those around them to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

  • Job-Site Safety Program

    Adhering to OSHA, CAL/OSHA and our company's safety manuals are strictly mandatory to reduce possible losses.

  • Facility Safety Program

    Monthly facility inspection is performed to promote safe and healthful work environment for our employees.

  • Vehicle Safety Program

    The Vehicle Safety Program assures the safey of our employees, homeowners and the general public on our project sites and public roadways.

  • In-House Safety Training Program

    In-House Safety Training Program educates our employees to have full knowledge of the Safety Principles and Standards of Nissho of California, Inc. Training is done weekly with state-of-the-art video confrencing system to ensure that quality of training is provided to each employee.

  • Safety Incentive Program

    This program is designed to motivate and recognize those emloyees who perform their job safely and efficiently.

A safe environment is a happy environment!
A safe environment is a happy environment!Improving the quality of life through safety